Hyderabad – City of Rocks”, our new documentary (12.6 min.) on the Rocks of Hyderabad and their importance for us and the environment has been released on 16. January 2018 during the Annual General Body Meeting of the Society. The film was directed by Saravana Kumar Salem, wildlife filmmaker from Chennai who has worked for BBC, NatGeo, Animal Planet and Discovery Channels, amongst others.

View it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/dd7vdwOZfAw

Please help to spread it as much as possible; show it to your friends, family, and associates, and initiate it to be screened at clubs, schools, events, film occasions. A short version of the film (6.5 min.) is also available with us and could be used as filler during any event.

Rock Walks

Rock Walks are nature treks to different rocky areas in and around Hyderabad. They usually take place in the afternoon (and occasionally in the early morning) of the third Sunday of every month. No fees are charged. Sensible walking shoes, long pants and a cap should be worn. Drinking water is a must.

The Society does not take responsibility for any accident or injury that may occur during rock walks. Walkers should heed safety instructions given by the guides.

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