Every citizen can spread awareness about the beauty and antiquity of the Deccani rockscapes, and the need to preserve them. You will be surprised how many people have never had a good look at those intriguing formations!

          You could

  • approach property owners, architects, service organisations and builders and make them aware of the possibility to incorporate rocks in housing colonies, house plans and gardens (our architects can give advice)

  • become a member of the Society to Save Rocks and have access to all activities; contribute to the Society's Newsletter

  • actively participate in identifying rock formations for preservation

  • promote Society action programmes that work with HMDA, the Municipal Corporation, the Revenue Department and Department of Mines and Geology, as well as other Government agencies - in Hyderabad and elsewhere

  • help in organising the Society's events like exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, lectures and awareness work in schools and colleges

  • buy the Society's T-shirts, caps, greeting cards and post cards (clickhere)
    to spread the message

  • make a donation to the Society to fund its activities.

  • Appeal - Download PDF


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